My friend Gunnar used to have, well he might still have it, a Volkswagen bus from 1969. It was quite dangerous to drive but still brought us a lot of fun. About 10 years ago we went to a festival in the south of Sweden and I had to drive home to Uppsala which was a 5 hours drive with a normal car but at least 7-8 hours in an old van. The idea was to leave in the afternoon but another friend Johan managed to hit his head and had to go to the hospital. The bus battery didn’t charge properly so you had to push it, well run it to start and then jump in quickly in the back through the side door. He hit his head quite badly when he jumped in so we got stuck in some small town for most of the day while he was rushed to the hospital. The injury wasn’t as bad as we first thought so could get back on the road in the late evening but then the lights died and we couldn’t slow down because then the battery would die. So I drove the whole night back while Gunnar tried to light up the white lines in the middle of the road with a flash light, listening to a cassette with Finn-hits, hits from the sixties recorded in Finish, to try to stay awake. It took ages but we managed to get back 10 min before Gunnar was supposed to start his shift delivering news papers so I guess it was all good.

VW, Do you have the right kind of wife for it?

VW, Box yourself in