Readers of my blog might remember that I have been trying buy new sunglasses for the past six month. I have some really nice ones, Tom Ford, Raen, Ray-Ban, but have been after a pair of Persol since I saw the The Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen the first time. I thought that a pair of Persol 649 or the real McQueen classics Persol 714 would suit me fine but never felt entirely happy with them. Then I found my new glasses in a newsletter from My Wardrobe. They just looked amazing, the colour, the shape, everything was perfect. I managed to track down the model, Persol 2979, classed as awesome sunglasses for men in the UK and listed as para mujeres in Spain, hence they were a bit hard to find here. I went and tried them on and Araceli agreed that they were perfect. I ordered them online this morning so now I can’t wait until they arrives. The sad thing with my and sunglasses is that I wished that I could pick a model that some cool guy that I like used to wear but nope. My Raen are mostly used by hip-hop stars in America and these Persol I’ve ordered happens to be Lindsay Lohan’s favourites, not really sure how to deal with that. Here is my old post about Persol.

Persol PO2979S

Lindsay Lohan