I just got my new little practice amp and it’s awesome, a VOX Pathfinder 10W. It might not be to loudest amp I’ve played on but still pretty nice clean tone on both my 335 and my Telecaster. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to deal well with my Stratocaster, it only has a treble and a bass knob so I can’t get enough middle for any descent Hendrix’s sound. Well worth the 60 € I paid for it from Euroguitar and it arrived in 4 days. Here in Barcelona you can’t seem to buy anything in store. I really like to support my local community but even though the prices are OK the service is so bad so it’s really not worth it. They say they will order things for you and it will be there in 2 days, next time you come in they say it might take a month and they don’t seem to care at all. I don’t know if it’s my fault for not speaking Catalan or if it’s just the service minded gene missing in Catalan people. I’ve tried a lot of things, hats, pipes, guitars and now an amp, they all seem to be the same. They can’t be asked to help you even if you want to spend some money. From now on, I’m Señor Internet and I will continue to order everything online. If anyone needs a small 10W amp and prefer clean sound I can strongly recommend the VOX Pathfinder 10W, the overdrive channel is the normal super heavy metal distortion that I hate but clean or slightly pushed on the gain it sounds great for price  and as you can see bellow, it looks amazing.

VOX Pathfinder 10W