A nice collection of postcards from post war American bars, cafés and restaurants. Taken from How to be a retronaut.

The Purple Tree Lounge, Washington DC
The Sweet Shop, West Layfayette IN
Emil’s Steer Inn, Columbus OH
Caldwell’s, St Petersburg Beach FL
Hawthorne Room, Chicago IL
Keno Café, Weslaco TX
Keno Café, Weslaco TX
Les Shaw’s Restaurant, Connecticut
Mac’s, Rochester MN
Mac’s Dining Room, Rochester MN
Mangas, Elwood IN
Mark Twain Café and Bar, Cairo IL
New County Fair Restaurant, Tucson AZ
Senator Motel, Augusta ME
The Frost, Warrenton VA
The Glass House, Vinita OK
The Goodie Shop Cafeteria, Terre Haute IN
The Mel-O-Dee Restaurant, Sarasota FL
The Terrace Lounge, Grossinger NY
Town House Coffee Shop Duval Hotel, Tallahassee FL
Viking Bar, Sarasota FL
Villla Capri, Austin TX
Cowboy Bar, Jackson WY
El Ray Café. Grand Marais MN