federi cociameiI am upbeat, approachable, non-judgmental, friendly and basically a happy babe.

I’m interested in internet specific stories, where the web isn’t just a medium to transmit information but a place where unique things happen. I was browsing through dating websites and I found out that it was possible to make very specific searches: geographical, on interests, on sex and obviously on the age of potential partners. I set the age at “over 70″ and stepped into a surprising world. I imagined my grandmother, she’s about that age, presenting herself to the world, trying to highlight her best traits, with the idea that life can start again when you’re 70 and older. The title that I gave to this project, 80s SWM seeks LTR, is built with acronyms that are used on chat lines and dating websites, and represents me as an older man in another life.—Federico Ciamei

Federico Ciamei is based in Milan. His series, 80s SWM seeks LTR (80 years old Single White Male searching for a Long Term Relationship), is “about love, online dating and older cupids”. Taken from Feature Shoot

All images © Federico Ciamei

federi cociameiMy mind is busy all the time… including at night when I have vivid dreams; happy adventurous ones.


federi cociameiI am a very strong woman physically and mentally.

federi cociameiI don’t have a big ego and don’t have to be “the boss” in a relationship.

federi cociameiI like to shop and to eat out, Why !!!! because I am a woman.

federico ciameiI’m probably not “really good” at anything, but I persist in doing lots of things, because I derive pleasure from them.

federico ciameiI like most music except hard rock and rap. I like most foods just not real spicey ones.